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sábado, 4 de setembro de 2010

The Americans and Canadians, grateful friends:

The Blog "Diary of a Labor Lawyer" as a pleasant surprise to receive information that 25% of our total views are from the USA and Canada.

The initial proposal is to pacify conflicts between capital and labor from the perspective of the Labor Law in Brazil, hence the surprise in the interest of the international community in Blog. Welcome!

Moreover, this blogger does not hide the curiosity to know the purpose for which the friend surfer is interested in our content. If academics for purposes of comparative law, or just informing you finish on our social reality, etc. ..

Dear friends, if possible would like to establish an interactive channel with you!

Write me via email below transcript. Give different opinions, suggestions or just say what topics related to Employment Law in Brazil want to be informed.

See you soon.

Christian Ortiz Thelmo

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